Lost in the Czech Republic

It happened after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them, and asking them questions. Luke 2:46 WEB) 

Prague is a beautiful city full of history both good and bad. For those who read mystery novels the act of defenestration has its origin in the infamous Czech courts of Prague. While visiting this famous hall of judgment in the castle we looked out the window only after insuring no one was behind us. All I could think of was “ouch” when I considered the quick stop at the bottom of the castle wall. 

Aside from this unique form of punishment, we enjoyed touring Prague several times. Once, we enjoyed a beautiful and new guesthouse just below the castle. That wasn’t planned but much better than the Internet advertised place I originally located. That’s another story altogether. On our second visit we stayed in an old seminary located at the outskirts of town. 

Our family combined with our visitors couldn’t all fit in our little van. So we decided the older boys could take the train and meet us there. We drove up to Vienna and dropped our son with our friend’s son at the train station. They had the right tickets and so we left them there and drove onto the autobahn and headed north. 

Prague, Czech Republic

It’s a beautiful drive through the Czech countryside. The villages and castles along the way provide for that perfect holiday photo. We arrived on time and made our way through town. We found the seminary, checked in and took a bus back to town for a little sight-seeing. It was a blast. From the grave of Good King Wenceslas to the home of reformer John Huss we tromped through the streets of history.  

As the afternoon waned we waited to hear from our sons that they arrived safe. We waited, and waited, and waited. Then my phone rang. They missed the train station in Prague not fully understanding the name of the station and were headed north into the countryside towards Germany. Needless to say, I was a bit worried as it was late in the afternoon, we didn’t know where they were, and we didn’t know how to get them back. 

For the next hour or two we exchanged phone calls until his phone ran out of money. Then we were in the dark wondering if our sons were going to have to sleep in a train station. As evening approached we headed to the Seminary hoping they would find their way back and the right bus. We went to the bus stop every time a bus came. There we waited for the last bus of the evening expecting no one to exit. 

But we were surprised when the two young men stepped off the bus with a young lady. It seems they met her on the train and she was on a backpack trip through Europe. They explained that when they missed Prague they left the train after a few stops and a kind gentleman who understood German showed them which train to get back to the city. Praise the Lord they have just enough money for the ticket and the bus to the seminary. The young lady didn’t have a place to stay so they said she could stay with us. Our friends had room in their apartment with their daughter so it worked out just right.  

I’d like to say I was calm and collected throughout the day but that wouldn’t be true. I was definitely upset that our sons were lost in a foreign land, without communications and I had no way to know where they were to retrieve them. I wonder if Joseph and Mary felt the same way when they looked around and Jesus was missing from their caravan. No phones, no trains, no van, no way to know where to find their son. I can just imagine Joseph going from door to door, from shop to shop, retracing their steps to find Jesus.  

And there he was, sitting in the temple calmly conversing with the elders. Amazing! From what I could learn our sons were calmly enjoying their trip through the countryside until they could get off the train and find their way back. Joseph and Mary were relieved to find Jesus. We were relived to find our son. I think God was telling me to calm down and just wait on Him. He knew were our sons were and how to get them back. He knows where we are and how to get us where we need to be. 


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