Giggles, Grins and Grands

Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. (Proverbs 17:6 NIV)

We lived many years overseas serving the Lord wherever He placed us. No regrets but plenty of praises for God’s provision. In the last few years away from our homeland we enjoyed the benefits of modern technology including video conferences with our grown children and our growing brood of grandchildren. They thought we lived in a box and were awakened as simply as starting a video game but that’s better than waiting for weeks on snail mail for updates and photos.

Then the call came from the Lord to move our ministry back into our homeland. It’s the same ministry, the same work, just from another location. The greatest thing about God leading clearly is the joy of serving Him. There are many benefits from His leading and this one included being closer to our grandchildren.

Part of the clan in one place for celebration.So, for the first time since God started blessing us with grandchildren we were able to host a Thanksgiving celebration in our home. Not everyone could come due to work, school, or other obligations, but a majority made the trip. It was great. There were giggles and grins throughout the day. There was plenty of food, snacks, and drink.

As many have already discovered it’s delightful to watch a couple two year old granddaughters discover each other and figure out how to share the few toys they can find at Opa and Oma’s house. Off to the sideline an adorable five month old grandson giggles and laughs at his sister and cousin’s antics. You just never know what to expect.

We weren’t disappointed with the floor show. It went amazingly well and even sharing favorite dolls didn’t escalate into a feud. Maybe we can get the folks at all the peace tables around the world to take a few lessons from two year olds. But that wasn’t even the best part.

The best part was when one of them decided Oma, and especially Opa (me) needed a hug or kiss or that their lap was the perfect vantage point for watching something. There’s nothing like it. It doesn’t last long before they’re off to another imagined adventure but that’s long enough. These gestures of love toward grandparents can come unexpectedly anywhere in the house, any time of day. Bring it on.

I always wondered what it would be like to get older and have grandchildren. Now I know. It’s great. I also know why God gives little ones to us when we’re young. A two year old has much more stamina that I do these days. But the exhaustion at the end of the day is worth the love you receive from these little additions to the family.

I’m looking forward to future invasions of our home or invading their homes. It’s encouraging to watch our children raise their children and be able to see that God did a great job with them. We’re proud of our children and grandchildren. It’ll be exciting to see how God works in our grandchildren’s lives in the years to come. I can’t wait for another hug or kiss just because they love their Opa. They have their tizzies and fits and get tired and cranky, just like Opa, but I still love them.

There’s nothing like walking along the road with my arm stretched down so little fingers can clasp a couple of my fingers and feel safe while they point out every new thing they see. I’m not sure who enjoys it more but I think I do. Teaching my grandchildren to skip rocks on a pond or stir up the fall leaves with their feet gives me a feeling things are going along just fine in God’s world.

I hope God is proud of me. I think He is. I mess up enough and still He cares for me. It’s astonishes me each and every day. I’m looking forward to the day I can put my arms around my Savior’s neck and let Him know how much I love Him.


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