Flash, Bang, Heart Stopping

The waters saw you, O God, the waters saw you and trembled. Yes, the depths of the sea shook with fear. The clouds poured down rain; the skies thundered. Yes, your arrows flashed about. Your thunderous voice was heard in the wind; the lightning bolts lit up the world; the earth trembled and shook. (Psalm 77:16-18 NET)

I love thunderstorms. I enjoy watching the lighting, listening to the distant rumble, and smelling the ozone created by the ionization of air. This beautiful display of lights and drums is followed by the falling rain and the sweet smell of a cleansed atmosphere.

When I was a teenager I was standing in our living room looking out the picture window watching a passing storm. It was a combination of beauty and fear rolled into excitement. I stood there for a while and then it happened. Without any warning of the storm growing closer a lightning bolt struck the house across the street. Flash, bang, and my heart stopped.

I don’t know if my heart really stopped but it sure felt like it. I was physically battered by the ear-splitting crash as air reclaimed the temporary rift cause by the bolt of electricity. I shook, stepped back and then fell to my knees. It was several minutes before I could stagger up and sit on the couch. It was a long time before I could once again appreciate a rip-roaring thunderstorm. I finally recovered and once more loved to sit on the porch and watch a passing storm.

Last night I was sleeping soundly. The windows were tilted open and I was dreaming how to transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. OK, geek dreams are not always glamorous. Suddenly a flash broke through the veil of my eyelids and a gargantuan crash made me wide eyed and completely awake. I tried not to move so Beth thought I didn’t notice. I know, it’s a guy thing. You can’t jump every time you hear thunder boom.

The next day several folks mentioned the massive storm that passed through our region. I suspect there were a few who had an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Beth went out on the balcony to watch, as I desperately tried to go back to sleep.

As I lay there I remembered my earlier close call with lightning. I remember many storms I enjoyed over the years and I started thinking of Jesus. I remembered several verses which talked of God, Jesus, judgment, Jesus’ return and yes, thunder and lightning.

What will it be like to meet our Savior face to face? His return and judgment will bring cataclysmic responses throughout nature. Those who are not believers will tremble with fear and wail in anguish. However, I suspect meeting Jesus will be the most endearing moment of eternity we experience. It will be that moment when we understand, in a single glance, the love, grace and care extended to us. Come Lord Jesus.


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