Out with the Old, In with the New

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17 WEB)

One of the hallmarks of a good engineer is to keep a piece of equipment running forever! Well, at least as long as the engineer thinks it’s worth fixing. Unlike modern devices, such as personal computers, CD Players, DVD players, etc., many pieces of radio equipment have operated for thirty, forty or fifty years.


With the simplicity of the earlier designs it was easier to determine which part was faulty. As the years wore by the problem became finding spare parts. This was a growing problem for the AM station on Guam. KTWG sported a classic transmitter.

Even in the harsh island conditions the transmitter usually operated well. Occasionally a component would fail, usually the few modern solid state parts, be replaced and the programs would again bless the people on the island. Time marched on, parts became harder to find, and repairs became more frequent until one dark night when it gave up.

After working on the transmitter for a couple of days the prognosis was dark. Finally, I declared it dead, permanently dead. The costs for the necessary parts, even if they were available, were more than the value of the transmitter. Our station went dark. Thankfully it would only be dark for a little while.

After a shuffle of funds and communication with a transmitter manufacturer the process was under way for the emergency purchase of a replacement transmitter. It would take at least two weeks to ship the unit to the island.

During the two weeks we worked to remove the old transmitter from its concrete bunker under the parking lot. When it was originally installed the walls were not in place so it was easy. Removing it was a bit more difficult.

Heavy components were removed from the chassis. Environmentally hazardous material was transported to the proper disposal authorities. With lots of huffing and puffing, pushing and shoving, twisting and turning the remaining skeleton was removed from the building.

The room was cleared, cables were prepared, wiring was updated and we waited for the new transmitter to arrive. It was to be a modern solid state wonder! No more old tubes to replace, no more large oil transformers. This was a miracle of technology coming to our little island.

The unit arrived and we went to work to get it into the building. It was smaller than the old transmitter but still a tight fit through the doorway. It took more huffing, puffing, pushing and shoving to get the unit into the building.

It was finally in place. The muscle men of the mission went about their normal routines while the engineers went to work connecting all the wires, gadgets and controls. It was a big job and we were in a hurry. We wanted to be back on the air!

Rich, Ray and I poked, prodded, testing, tweaked and worked through the night to finish the project. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, we were ready to begin.

I strolled across the parking lot to the main building. The three of us climbed the stairs to the main studio room. We looked at each other, smiled and pressed the button.

Lights flickered, meters moved, our hearts skipped a beat and we were back on the air. I sat down at the control console, played a stations ID then selected my favorite song and pressed “play.”

Our work was rewarded as we heard music coming from the receiver. It was a long road and lots of work to hear those sweet sounds wafting over the airwaves once more. We smiled, gave a toast with our coffee cups and called the morning operator to return to work.

I’m reminded of a song titled, New Lives for Old. It was a great song about how change is brought about in us when Christ becomes Lord of our lives. We don’t need new parts; we are a new creation, top to bottom.

The old transmitter could never be fixed; it was filled with old, rotting and dead components. Our life without Christ is not fixed at salvation. It too is filled with old rotting components of the sinful nature. Instead, Christ gives us a new life. We are a new creation. We are ready to be put into service.

Too many times we try to fix the old when it is just not worth fixing. Sometimes we keep the old parts and try to fit them into the new man. This doesn’t work any better than putting an old tube in a new solid state transmitter.

It’s time I stopped stockpiling my old parts and started paying attention to the new man Christ has created. Only then can I discover how He will use me to broadcast His message of salvation to those around me. Thank God we are not repaired but NEW!


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