Searching for the Lost Pond

“Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found, and hid. In his joy, he goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field.” (Matthew 13:44 WEB)

The longer you live in a place the more you hear the tales, mysteries and mystical history surrounding the land and the people. Guam was full of such stories. The local tales explained the creation of the island, their local mermaid, and why little children should stay away from the jungle.

One item, often mentioned by island natives, was the Lost Pond. Everyone seemed to know where it was located except us. I figured it must not be too lost if it was the topic of such repeated conversation. I asked some folks where it was but they didn’t know. Maybe it was lost. A wandering pond, lost in the jungle, amazing.

When I was young I wandered my stomping grounds with friends in search of new and exciting places. Many times we’d jump into an inviting stream or small pond to escape the summer heat. Between the mud, leeches and other creatures we found in the water it’s amazing none of us became ill. The lure of a Lost Pond on an island in the Pacific was too much to ignore, I had to find it.

I finally located the secret directions to the pond. I’d say where but that’s a secret. It was time to explore and see what we’d find. Swimsuits, shorts, sandals, hats, children and towels ready we left home in search for the Lost Pond.

Parking near one of the power plants Beth and I walked up the beach for so many paces, turned right and followed the small trail so many paces then turned left around the old stump and went deeper and deeper into the jungle. We were like pirates as we searched for hidden treasure. Perhaps some scallywags from a previous century used the pond to hide their hoard of gold.

Hot, sweaty and ready for a rest we stepped around another stand of trees to see the pond nestled in the jungle. The water was smooth as glass, silent and still. It was inviting in the hot tropical summer heat. An old rope hung from the branches of an overhanging tree, the only evidence that earlier explorers were successful in their ability to follow directions.

Tossing aside my hat, removing my sandals and shorts I scampered over the tree roots and took hold of the inviting rope. Of course I first used a stick to insure the water was deep enough so that no one would get hurt. A couple tugs to test the rope and I was ready. I knew after a short swing I would experience this new delight.

I climbed back from the water’s edge, part way up the tree for a better take off. I shouted to Beth and started my Tarzan swing out and over the water. Johnny Weissmuller, eat your heart out! I made an arc, I just cleared the roots, swung up over the water, reached a peak above the center of the pond and let go.

I shouted in triumph as I plummeted toward the inviting water. Just as my toes made contact my mind was thrown into panic mode. The day was hot. I was sweaty from my trek. The water . . . well the water was ice cold! I plunged beneath the water and turned into one large goose bump. Down through the icy water I hurled until my feet touched the sandy bottom. As fast as possible I pushed off, eyes wide open, to find the surface of the water and a desire for heat.

I gasped for breath as I shot out of the water. I fell back in and began to swim like an Olympian toward the shoreline. Beth started to laugh uncontrollably as I shot out of the water. She watched as I clasped my arms around my chest and danced around trying to use some of the tropical heat readily available in the jungle.

“A little cold dear?” Beth asked with a chuckle in her voice.

“N . .n . .n . .n . .no, d. . .d . .d . .dear, th . .th . .the water’s fine!” I shouted back.

The water wasn’t actually icy cold but it felt like it after the heat and the humidity of the jungle. The pond itself was fed from a fresh water spring so it was cooler than the ocean nearby. After a while we became accustomed to the cold and enjoyed the pond. It was refreshing. It was like liquid air conditioning in the tropics.

I discovered my watch fell off in the pond and was lost. That might be why they call it the lost pond. It was too deep and murky to find anything so I figured there are plenty of lost watches and other trinkets lining the bottom like a hidden pirate’s treasure.

We enjoyed a few more plunges into the pond before we headed back to the beach and the warmth of the ocean. After we baked on the beach and splashed about in the waves we headed back to our car and our home.

Jesus talked about finding things which were lost. He talked about the widow’s coin, the lost sheep of Israel, the prodigal son, you and me. Whenever they are found there is great rejoicing by the searcher. When we are found by Jesus there is great rejoicing in Heaven.

Beth and I rejoiced to find the cool, jungle shrouded pond and relax in its refreshing waters. Just think of the rejoicing in Heaven when one lost sheep comes into the fold of God. Do we remember the refreshment of God’s Holy Spirit to our souls when we turned to God for salvation?

It will be beyond our wildest dreams to rejoice with God in Heaven for eternity! How wonderful to be found.


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