Teaching and Training

The things which you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit the same to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. (2 Timothy 2:2 WEB)

I love to teach. I prefer to teach through the Scriptures, exposition, but sometimes need to teach on a topic. Digging deep into God’s word to unlock the mystery and majesty of our creator’s love has no end. Each time I open God’s word, even for a casual reading, I find some new revelation to apply to my life and ministry.

Others have told me this as one of my spiritual gifts. When the opportunity arises I dive in and learn more personally than I ever share in a classroom. I believe if someone wants to know and understand God’s word they need to teach. To explain a discovery clearly to someone else we must understand it carefully and clearly.

For years I taught Sunday school and the occasional home Bible study. I preached when I could. Each time I found myself immersed in more of the wonder of God than I could imagine as His word sprang to life. Most of the time, I taught as a simple ministry in the church. The Lord blessed me with good classes and great participation.

One year the church established the Bayview Bible Institute which lasted for three years. I was recruited as one of the teachers. My subject was New Testament Greek. I enjoyed the challenge as well as refreshing my understanding of the language. There were four students in my class and they enjoyed themselves and did well.

As a missionary I was not permitted to accept pay. I could volunteer all I want. I didn’t want to be divided in my purpose and goal. So, what could be done.

My solution was for them to give me a piece of software I couldn’t afford to purchase and we would call it even. The mission agreed, the Bayview Bible Institute agreed and I was ready to write the great American novel on my little notebook. I’ve written many things since then but no great American novel.

I continue to enjoy teaching when the opportunity arises. At times I wish that was my central ministry. God has a different plan but allows me to exercise this gift now and again to further His kingdom in this world.

There are courses on discovering our spiritual gifts. Books abound on discovering God’s gift in our life and how to apply it to minister. But, I think God gives us gifts to meet the needs of our present ministry and not to establish a new ministry. God doesn’t give us the gift we need and send us in search of a ministry. He places us in a ministry and then gives us the gift we need, when we need it.

Although I enjoy the gift of teaching God hasn’t called me to full time teaching but to minister as an engineer in global missions. I praise the Lord for guiding me in this ministry. It wasn’t my talents and abilities that permitted me to do the work but His gift and guidance each and every day.

God teaches and trains me daily. When I allow Him to guide my choices and His ministry I can be assured I’m in His will. When I insist on using the “gift,” I think I have then I can easily find myself outside of God’s will.

I must remind myself that my perception of what I can do best is not God’s perception. His is divine; mine is marred by my human nature. My desire is not pure and heavenly directed. His is always in line with reaching the world with His love and grace.

I think, just maybe, I should listen to Him, not myself, and then I’ll discover the wonder of walking His path and the joy of accomplishing the purpose for which I’m called.


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