Beth Remembers the Children (054)

My little children, let’s not love in word only, neither with the tongue only, but in deed and truth. (1 John 3:18 WEB)

As I, Beth, am reading all of these memories it reminds me also of wonderful things God has done and how good it is to remember his work in our lives. You have read about my working with children. Bob also writes about work in areas that you want to and feel gifted. It made me laugh how they tied together in a way Bob doesn’t even remember.

Before we went to Guam I taught many ladies bible studies and felt this was a good match for my gifts. I didn’t really like working with children and the thought of walking into a room of twenty three or more two year old bundles of energy for hours sounded awful. The church asked me to teach and I started with the fifth and sixth grade girls in Pioneer Club because they were the oldest class. I had a blast because I had great girls and they were old enough to obey and behave without much work from me . Many thanks to Rebecca and Heather.

Then I was convinced to help with Vacation Bible School so I helped people who really knew what they were doing. I watched Jacki and Kim and thought hey when you control the kids in a loving manner it’s fun to teach them. I then took on my first VBS class of four and five year olds. My son, James, was in this class and about twenty one other children. We did an ocean theme and we were a team of four with a memory verse person and a craft person and a teen for crowd control.

We decorated the room like you wouldn’t believe . It was great. There was a blue carpet for seaside bible lessons and huge dolphins swimming around. Bible verse time was at the palm tree on an island complete with a treasure chest.

The unique part happened with our bible story and the presentation of the gospel. The first day I gave the lesson and presented the salvation message and the children listened and looked. The second day the same. Then, on the third day, sixteen children raised their hands when we gave the invitation! You should’ve seen the looks on our faces. We were stunned. All four of us sat there with our mouths open. There was this pause as we looked at each other. “What do we do now” was written on our faces.

We quickly took each of the children aside, who raised their hands, and talked and prayed with each one. They seemed to understand and were sincere and all of them prayed. Our only regret was one dear boy named Teddy who had seemed so open and wasn’t there on Wednesday.

This shows how great God is and that it wasn’t us that did any great work. Teddy’s dad brought him in on Thursday and said, “Teddy tell the teacher what you did yesterday.” After lessons on Monday and Tuesday he talked and talked at home about the Lord and his parents led him to Christ on Wednesday while waiting in the Dentist office. I have followed some of these kids into their teens and am happy to be a tool God could use.


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