Evan R. Chick

“There are three things which are too amazing for me, four which I don’t understand: (Proverbs 30:18 WEB)

Having children is always an adventure. After three children we were not sure what to expect with a fourth delivered on Guam. Ellice was born in the hospital bed before it was time for the delivery room. Joel actually made it to the delivery room and popped out sunny side up. James was born in the hospital room and not the delivery room because the hospital was full and we were just thrilled Beth moved from the hall to the room before he was born.

For Evan’s appearance we entered Guam Memorial Hospital. The name Memorial had an ominous connotation when it comes to remembering those long gone. We were praying this would not be the case as Beth was ready for the baby to come and I struggled with my dreaded fear of hospitals, needles, medicine, blood, all those routine things of life. I always thought this was a strange fear for someone who worked in a hospital for four years. Then again, maybe that’s why I have these fears!

Beth was not afraid, just ready for the baby to be born. We waited in the emergency room to be admitted. I looked around. It was interesting. I noted the dust on the instruments and the tape across the handles of the defibrillator. Fortunately none of these were necessary as we were transferred to a room on the maternity floor.

The room was a hospital room. What else did we expect? Fortunately we were the only ones in the room making it easier for me to stay and work through the night with Beth. By early morning things were moving along at a good clip and it was TIME! The nurses came in and said they were moving Beth to the delivery room.

Beth shook her head. Nope, no movement at this time, it was too late!

“But we have to move you to the delivery room,” announced the nurse.

“No way,” shouted Beth. “I’m not going anywhere and this baby is coming now!”

The nurse did her nurse’s survey of the situation, looked at me as if I knew something special, and said, “You’re right you stay here.” She then left and quickly returned with another nurse to continue the procedure.

Evan was born quickly in the labor room and greeted the world with a loud and strong voice. Beth was tired, ready for rest and I was ready for a good night sleep as well. On that morning Evan became the fourth Chick child and the third Chick son. A couple days later he enjoyed his first ride in the Sweet Pickles Bus to his home in Santa Rita.

God gives us gifts in unexpected ways. Evan was a gift. His arrival method was unexpected. Praise the Lord! Solomon was amazed at four things. Me, I’m amazed at many more and birth is one of those amazing miracles of God.


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