For he says to the snow, “Fall on the earth;” Likewise to the shower of rain, And to the showers of his mighty rain. (Job 37:6 WEB)

Living close to a metropolitan center of Saint Louis and in the country, O’Fallon, Missouri, our year in the USA provided a number of new experiences for Ellice and Joel. I remember the first time it snowed at our furlough home.

Joel was too excited to sit still or wait to don all the necessary cold weather coat, hats, gloves, boots, etc. He squirmed and tried to escape outside while Beth struggled to keep him warm. Ellice was home. Unfortunately she was very sick and only vaguely remembered some snow.

Joel went out in the yard and did all the things children do in snow. James, not his future brother but a friend’s seventeen year old son, graciously played with the little island boy who had never seen snow.

One of the first things Joel learned was how to make snow angels. Within minutes we had an army of angels guarding our house on every side. Ellice watched from the window upset that she had to stay inside.

The snow angels were followed by snowmen, snowball fights, more snow angels and lots of laughter. Snow was tracked in the house, wet clothes covered the surfaces of the spare room, and snow became only a fading memory.

When I think of snow I remember fourteen years later we were living in Austria. Joel and the whole family lived for years on Guam with the tropical weather and cook outs on the beach at Christmas time. A cold winter Christmas was something new. Turn it into a white Christmas and a whole new world of adventure opens up.

Joel was watching a television show with Evan and James one day. It was a story which took place in winter time. The children in the story rolled up snow and made a snow man. Joel, with that older brother superior air of experience, confidently explained to his younger brothers, “That doesn’t really happen. It only works like that because of special effects. It’s only a television show. Real snow doesn’t do that.”

Beth and I heard this and just laughed. Joel looked at us funny and we said, “Just wait Joel. Just wait till it snows.”

Our first autumn in Austria it snowed as expected. The boys put on the cold weather coat, hats, gloves, boots, etc. and ten minutes later headed out to discover what could be done with snow. Yes, Joel, you really can roll up snow and make a snow man! It wasn’t just television, it was real life. He was astonished as he put the head on his first Austrian snowman.

They made a snow man to guard the steps from the street. They made a snow man on the front of our car that looked like he was run over. They made snowmen all over the apartment complex. We discovered not everyone in the apartment complex liked snowmen but we did.

Sometimes we read God’s word and say, “That’s only then, not now. It’s just a special effect for Scripture.” We just can’t believe in our hearts that God will really do some of the miracles from the Bible. Then we let go of our hearts and open the door and venture into His world. There we discover snowmen are real, miracles do happen, and it isn’t just a book.


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