Glowing Light Bulbs

The night is far gone, and the day is near. Let’s therefore throw off the works of darkness, and let’s put on the armor of light. (Romans 13:12 WEB)

Occasionally we’d have visitors on Guam. Sometimes they were relatives but occasionally a group of visitors arrived from one of our target areas to experience the ministry first hand. Such was the case with our Japanese listeners. Through our partner in Japan a number of listeners, along with workers in the Japan office, came to meet us face to face. Many of our guests came to salvation through the programs they heard from KTWR. To celebrate we held a picnic at the transmitter site in Merizo. Our staff cooked local food on large open grills made from old fifty-five gallon barrels. We added fixings and drinks and celebrated God’s work through the ministry. I worked with a colleague to cook burgers, short ribs and goodies for ninety seven people!

Throughout the day’s festivities we demonstrated the transmitting equipment and attempted to explain short wave radio propagation. We were thrilled when a couple of folks in the group listened intently to the technical explanations and then the discussion of the Gospel message. They were not believers! In the course of the celebration they too heard and understood God’s message of salvation. They gave their lives to Christ that day and returned to their homeland members of our eternal family.

Amazingly not everyone in life is familiar with the fascinating world of radio frequencies and their effects on the environment. In truth, most people are afraid of electricity and anything electronic. They don’t understand how it works and frankly, don’t want to know. As long as the light comes on with the switch they’re happy. During this visit we demonstrated the magical effects of RF radiation from an antenna.

I took a burned out fluorescent light bulb then walked up hill from the transmitter building until I was underneath the transmission lines. A transmission line is a bunch of wires which connect the transmitter to the antenna. (That’s the technical explanation.) It’s through these lines the radio waves reach the antenna and then radiate thousands of miles to the target areas.

I held the four foot long bulb vertical with a hand on each end. Then I slid the upper hand down the tube. The lamp then started to glow through the interaction of the high power short wave signal and the gas inside the tube. It’s fascinating and fun to watch and experience.

Our Japanese guests were amazed, a bit skeptical, and frightened. I asked for a volunteer to hold the bulb. There was a unanimous refusal from the crowd. Finally Hitoshi, our Japanese colleague living on Guam, carefully walked to where I was standing and took hold of the lamp. He tilted it sideways to make sure it wouldn’t shock him or produce some dangerous result. His friends cheered him on as he waved the lamp like a light saber from Star Wars.

There are a lot of things God calls me to do in life. Many of them frighten me. I’ve found faith and strength stepping into these callings. It’s there I discover the power of God working in my life. I just need to get past the glowing light and put my hand to the lamp.


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