A Missing Page – Winds of Change

Yahweh will save me. Therefore we will sing my songs with stringed instruments all the days of our life in the house of Yahweh. (Isaiah 38:20 WEB)

One thing I always enjoy is leading singing. Waving my hands too and fro to keep people in time and hearing their voices joined together in song is a delight. Whether it is a choir or a congregation, I get chills as voices blend in praise to God. But, sometimes things don’t go the way you plan them.

One Sunday morning C was playing the piano for hymn accompaniment. As usual before the service began I went through each hymn with C to insure we were in sync with the same musical terms and tempo. A fermata here, repeat there, modulate here all worked together to help bring the congregation into God’s presence. We were ready and the start of the service approached.

I lifted my hands and heard the correct introduction. The congregation sang with beautiful voices and we could sense the presence of the Lord as we sang a hymn of praise and adoration to God. The song rose and fell as we tried to express the dynamics of the composition. Voices blended in unison during the verse and then filled out the score of parts in the chorus. I closed my eyes, waved my hands and listened.

Halfway through the second stanza C suddenly stopped playing. The congregation and I kept singing. I opened my eyes, glanced toward C. There she sat with her hands in her lap and smiled at me. Some members of the congregation glanced her way as we finished singing the hymn. A capella is almost always beautiful but usually part of a plan.

I indicated the next hymn title and then the number. I dislike for worship leaders to just spout out numbers like they make perfect sense to everyone. I don’t know anyone who has the numbers memorized. I always like to hear the name since it helps prepare the heart. Everyone turned their pages and when they found their place they looked up in anticipation. I raised my hands hoping the piano would join us once more.

C played in her usual perfect style. Since we sat in different sections of the church, I couldn’t talk to her until after the service. When everything was over, I worked my way through the fellowship and conversation to find C chatting happily with her husband and friends.

“C?’ I said to get her attention.

“Yes?’ she relied turning to smile at me.

“Did I offend you or do something wrong this morning?’ I asked quietly.

She looked at me quizzically and said, “No, why?”

“Well,” I paused to consider how to make a simple question complicated, “you stopped playing halfway through the first hymn. Didn’t you like that hymn?”

She laughed, put her hand on my shoulder and replied, “I love that hymn. But, I took the pages out of the hymnal so I could spread them all out on the piano. As I played the breeze from the ceiling fan picked up that piece of music and it slipped between the music holder, the keyboard and right down inside the piano under the strings. I didn’t have any music to play. You know I can’t play without music.” We both laughed and then tried unsuccessfully to extract the music from the piano.

The winds of change, in this case a ceiling fan, altered our direction for the morning and provided another humorous episode. As far as I know that piece of music is still inside the piano waiting to be let out from behind the bars of string. The breeze caught our attention and called for a change of plans. After that Sunday we started leaving the music in the folder or turning off the ceiling fan over the piano.

Sometimes God takes pages from our lives unexpectedly and hides them out of sight. Like C we might find ourselves at a sudden loss unable to continue. Then we must wait until God calls for the next page. It’s then we start looking around to see if God is calling for a change. We stop taking things for granted. They just might blow away in a heavenly breeze.

Has God brought a sudden wind into your life? Are things out of place, hidden or beyond reach? Maybe it’s time to see if God wants your attention on something else. Wait. Wait and watch for God to direct the next song of your life. Then you will be back in sync with the heavenly director singing in your heart the wonders of His grace.


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