Roach Invasion

He said, “Throw it on the ground.” He threw it on the ground, and it became a snake; and Moses ran away from it. (Exodus 4:3 WEB)

Nobody that I know likes roaches. They are disgusting little creatures you work a lifetime to eliminate from your home. As I was growing up the thought of finding a roach in our home was scandalous. Like everyone else, when they appeared we would quickly eradicate them by a heavy implementation of chemical weapons from the Raid company.

Guam was the perfect breeding ground for these critters. But Guam spawned no ordinary roaches. They ranged in size from miniscule to several inches. They could fly and would bite if handled. They loved cardboard boxes, especially stored in the outdoor cupboard, dark places and moisture. With the high humidity of the island there were always places for the enemy to expand their family tree. Their appearance was timed for when guests arrived or some other special event.

12820_16I remember scratching at something in my sleep one night. Suddenly I realized that the “something” was moving across my leg! God’s design of the human mind is amazing. Within microseconds my mind went from la-la land to perfect alertness. I sprang from the bed with a shout, tossed off the covers and watched the immense night stalker dive for cover under the edge of the waterbed.

Beth, needless to say, was a bit startled at my sudden night time desire to remake the bedding. Six words, “there’s a roach in the bed,” and she too sprang to life, leapt from the comfort of the bed grabbed a can of raid and joined the hunt. Ten minutes later, the bed a mess, and our nerves on edge, we crushed the invader into another life, prayerfully down below. All hopes of a good night’s rest were banished as we cautiously returned to bed. For hours we thought any movement might indicate another invader. The next day we were very tired indeed!

Another night I was at a church board meeting until late in the evening. When I arrived home I was greeted with a trophy board of roaches. It seems Beth and Ellice disturbed a piece of furniture, long sitting dormant, and unleashed an invasion. They achieved the upper hand and created the trophy to demonstrate their hunting prowess.

Like roaches the schemes of Satan can be found anywhere and everywhere in this world. It only takes the projection of Jesus’ perfect light to find the enemy running for cover. As believers we must be vigilant to notice that touch, however light and unexpected, which signals something isn’t right. It’s then we need to jump, bring our thoughts to focus on God and call for the Holy exterminator.


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